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    Our Honeymoon

    Finally sharing some details about our honeymoon in Jamaica. We stayed for a full week at the Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, Jamaica. Our wedding was back in August but waiting until February to go on our trip gave us something to look forward to and it was really nice to get away from Omaha during the winter. We flew out of Omaha early February 3rd and after one connecting flight we landed in Jamaica around 3pm. Curtis paid for an expedited check-in so an escort was waiting for us when we landed. Instead of waiting in line to go through customs, we were able to enjoy some drinks…

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    Why I love Puerto Vallarta

    I finally did it! It may have taken me a couple weeks but I was able to put together a post about our vacation! I obviously wanted to get this out sooner but I didn’t realize how crazy my schedule was going to be once I got back. Wedding planning, engagement photos, and bridesmaid duties have definitely taken up some of my time! But we can discuss those details another time, for now I want to talk more about Mexico!

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    Outfit Recap

    I still need to do a recap about our actual vacation but I knew it would take some time to put that experience into words. So in the meantime I thought I would share a small recap on some of the items I brought with me on the trip!

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    Hello and Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Whitney and welcome to my little space! I like to think of myself as a budget-friendly fashionista and love sharing my fashion, lifestyle, travel, and wedding planning with you all! I started this blog to have my own space to express myself and share the things that I love.  As I am sure you noticed my site’s name is Becoming: Whitney Coatman. Come this August, I will officially become a Mrs and I look forward to sharing all my wedding planning joys along the way! The picture above is of my fiancé Curtis and our little girl Cali. I am sure you will…