Mix & match for spring

We did it friends! Even though it was extremely long and cold, we made it through winter and now it’s time to focus on the warm weather yet to come 🙂

If you’re like me, the first items you pull out of storage for spring, or add to your shopping cart, are dresses! I thought it would be fun to start this spring out with a little mix and match of a few favorite dress finds for spring 2019!

I realize we all have different budgets so I have included a large number of options across a few retailers to fit all price ranges! Also, it wouldn’t be a mix and match without listing the accessories and shoes that can go along with each.

I honestly geek out over these little scroll tools, especially when I shop online so I hope you find them as fun as I do 🙂 Mix and match by scrolling through the options then when you find one you like, click the image(s) to open the link.

Thanks for reading friends and enjoy!

Love, Whitney


As we all know Target has been rolling out a ton of adorable items at a price range we all can love



Although it they tend to be a little higher in price, Nordstrom definitely has some of my favorite finds and the quality can’t 
be beat!



If you’re looking for a clean and classic look, Gap is a great go-to.


All photos shown above: image credit belongs to their associated links/retailers.

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