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Our Honeymoon

Finally sharing some details about our honeymoon in Jamaica. We stayed for a full week at the Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, Jamaica. Our wedding was back in August but waiting until February to go on our trip gave us something to look forward to and it was really nice to get away from Omaha during the winter.

We flew out of Omaha early February 3rd and after one connecting flight we landed in Jamaica around 3pm. Curtis paid for an expedited check-in so an escort was waiting for us when we landed. Instead of waiting in line to go through customs, we were able to enjoy some drinks and snacks in the Couples Welcome room.

Negril is located about a hour and half drive from the airport which we didn’t mind as it gave us a chance to get a good look at the beautiful scenery. After we got to the resort we took some time to visit the beach, walk the paths along our room, and get unpacked. After a late dinner we realized how tired we were from traveling so we ended the night a little early and headed up to bed.

The first full day in Negril was actually SuperBowl Sunday. After a delicious breakfast at The Palms, we changed into our suits and headed for the beach. To celebrate the SuperBowl, the resort had a bunch of tournaments including Volleyball, Bags, and of course a Football Throwing Competition.

They set up a number of large screens to project the game so we finished the day on the beach watching the Eagles win and dining on some delicious appetizers and desserts. I wore this adorable OTS polka-dot dress our first day and got so many compliments. I don’t typically bring my purses on trips because they can get smashed in my suitcase so I found a few cheap ones to take in their place. This purse is great dupe for Chloe bags:)

Getting a massage was at the top of my to-do list so we scheduled one for early Monday. Although it was a little on the expensive side, it was one of the best massages I have ever had. Their spa, located across the street from the resort, was very calming and incredibly relaxing.

Our third day started with paddle-boarding and laying on the beach. I have only been to a few different countries but with their clear blue water and soft white sand, I can confidently say Negril has the most beautiful beaches.

Dinner that night was at their Feathers restaurant. If you ever make the trip to Jamaica and go to this resort, Feathers is a must. Some of the best food we have ever eaten. I ended up wearing this adorable maxi to dinner! The sheer material made it light weight and breathable which was perfect for the warmer temperature.

A catamaran cruise was the highlight of our Wednesday. The cruise led us on a sail around the island and made a few stops along the cliffs so we could swim off the hull. The boat was a little more packed than we had anticipated but it was still really fun and romantic to watch the sun set on the water.

Thursday we ventured out to the famous Ricks Cafe. We enjoyed a few beers, watched the cliff jumpers, and watched the sun set in the ocean which was breathtaking. I wore this adorable ruffle dress for most of Wednesday! It is one of my favorites right now and will be on repeat come this spring.

We wanted to spend our last day alone together just relaxing. We had a few drinks at the swim up bar, swam in the ocean, enjoyed lunch at their Seagrapes cafe, and bought a few souvenirs along the beach (yes, we were those people). We finished out our last day at their Patois Patio, eating as much food as we possibly could.

Neither of us had been to Jamaica before this trip so we were really excited to try something new. After a really busy 2017, a relaxing trip for just the two of us was exactly what we needed. A week’s stay was the perfect amount of time for a honeymoon and although we were sad to leave, we were ready to come home.

We had an amazing time and left with memories that we will never forget. We will probably try something new for our next vacation and although we don’t have anything planned, I can’t wait to see where our next trip takes us!

Love, Whitney


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